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Perhaps the most important benefit of going alcohol-free is the effect on the liver. It’s vital to our health and responsible for many functions including breaking down alcohol and filtering out toxins. If that process is hindered by the damaging effects of alcohol, it leads to a build-up of fat, which causes “ fatty liver ”, an indicator of liver disease. Hepatitis , fibrosis and cirrhosis are caused by a fatty liver .

  • Another one of the benefits of not drinking alcohol is non-health related.
  • Reduc­ing your alco­hol con­sump­tion not only helps to low­er your blood pres­sure and heart rate, but it may also reduce your risk of devel­op­ing sev­er­al oth­er heart-relat­ed health con­di­tions.
  • If any legal issues, such as being charged with drinking and driving occur, the cost can be tremendous.
  • Because the liver is a tolerant organ, he said positive changes can occur within weeks of going dry.
  • The quantity and frequency of self-reported alcohol consumption at follow-up.
  • Eliminating alcohol use as a less productive coping mechanism can allow for more productive management of those issues.

Plus, alcohol is a buzzkill (forgive the terrible pun…) for many medications. Alcohol reacts poorly with various prescription and over-the-counter drugs, including antidepressants, painkillers, and acetaminophen. Cut out alcohol from your life, and your concentration will get better, as well as your school and/or job performance. Study shows a huge portion of undergraduate students drink at a hazardous and harmful rate — which literally everyone in the country could have guessed. You could probably also guess that it affects their ability to concentrate and perform well academically. Are impaired when someone is well below the blood alcohol level legal limit.

Why Quit Drinking?

When you give up drinking, you will also be giving up the many colds, flu bugs, and illnesses that you may have been unable to ward off due to chronic drinking in the past. When you stop drinking, your body gradually restores elasticity to the skin and redness and yellowing around the eyes slowly fades. Verywell Mind articles are reviewed by board-certified physicians and mental healthcare professionals. Medical Reviewers confirm the content is thorough and accurate, reflecting the latest evidence-based research. Content is reviewed before publication and upon substantial updates.

which is a benefit related to abstaining from alcohol

Dry January can have benefits for those who drink more than the recommended two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women. “Alcoholics have some specific disorders of the brain which are due to excessive alcohol drinking. Brain damage can reduce memory and concentration,” said Dasgupta. The guidelines state that alcohol should be consumed in moderation — up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men. Dr. Dasgupta said for social and moderate drinkers, participating in Dry January won’t make much difference to their bodies.

If you need help cutting alcohol out of your life, there are many resources available. Dry January is a health challenge that was started in the UK in 2012 by Alcohol Change UK to combat excessive drinking during the holidays with one month of no alcohol, in January. The campaign gained momentum around the world and has inspired many people to go alcohol-free eco sober house price for the month of January. Developing an alcohol-free lifestyle and achieving long-term sobriety takes a lot more effort than merely not drinking anymore. So, if you’ve stopped drinking and begun the road to recovery, congratulate yourself. Abstaining from alcohol over several months to a year may allow structural brain changes to partially correct.

If your sleep quality is poor, hormonal changes can lead to increased appetite, slower metabolism, and more stress. Many people don’t notice that alcohol is impacting other parts of their life. They may not realize that they’re spending less time with friends or family because they’re recovering from a hangover. Or they may not recognize that sluggishness at work or school is related to drinking the night before. An earlier analysis of the data suggested that globally, the impact of alcohol was negative, and that there is no safe level of alcohol, but a more recent look disaggregated the effects.

But anything beyond a drink a day increases the risk of new or worsening mental health problems. Few people realize that drinking alcohol increases your risk of cancer. The most obvious immediate side effects of drinking are related to the harm it causes to the brain. You feel dizzy, confused and disoriented https://sober-house.net/ right after drinking a lot of alcohol. Other common physical side effects of alcohol include nausea, vomiting and low body temperature. Given the research indicating that only small amounts of alcohol are beneficial among certain populations, maybe taking just a month off won’t make much difference.

Effects of social drinking on your body

Ditching those nightly drinks allows your body to get quality rest and the stages of sleep that help you recover properly, so you’re ready to ride tomorrow. Even a few drinks can lead to anxiousness, irritability, and that “hangxiety” (or alcohol-induced anxiety) feeling the next day, which are likely a result of poor sleep quality, Anand says. So cutting back altogether, like you do in dry January, will give you the most benefit. Improvement in physical health is one of the main benefits of Dry January. After all, alcohol, especially in large quantities, is damaging for health.

which is a benefit related to abstaining from alcohol

Luckily, the stomach is able torecover quicklyonce alcohol consumption has stopped. Within a few weeks, you may experience an improvement in overall digestive health, including an impact on stomach ulcers and a reduction in heartburn and acid reflux. Alcoholweakens the immune system, making it harder for the body to produce enough white blood cells to fight off bacteria and other illnesses. Many people already know that heavy drinkers are more susceptible to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis or pneumonia. However, even one episode of drinking can expose the body to infection up to24 hoursafterward. Sober-curi­ous” is used to describe the deci­sion to decrease the amount of alco­hol you con­sume.

From saving your bank balance to improving your waistline, there are many health and personal benefits of cutting out alcohol from your life. Although one glass of wine a day can improve your heart health, there are a lot of health risks when it comes to alcohol. It may take one week to one month before you feel the benefits of not drinking. But most health benefits of not drinking take about a month to fully set in.

Many people turn to Dry January as a motivator to start off the new year alcohol-free. Alcohol consumption has been linked to cancers of the head, neck, esophagus, liver, breast, colon, and rectum. Alcohol-attributable cancer deaths and years of potential life lost in the United States.

A Stronger Heart

On the other hand, if you drink in moderation, alcohol doesn’t have any effect on LDL and instead increases good cholesterol . Cirrhosis of the liver can occur over time in those who drink excessively. The mission of Northeast Addictions Treatment Center is to provide the best continuum of care for not only adult men and women struggling with addiction, but also their families. NEATC will always strive to offer the highest quality of care in the Northeast region, while priding itself on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and compassion. Fortunately, the liver is a continually regenerating organ, and can often repair itself when it’s given an appropriate amount of time to do so. It creates new cells with the intention to fix any problems that may arise.

which is a benefit related to abstaining from alcohol

But recent research has examined the impact of Dry January specifically on moderate drinkers’ health and found some benefits. We did not conduct a formal sample size calculation given that this was a feasibility study. In the broader literature, sample size recommendations for feasibility studies range between 12 and 35 per group .

Better Health

Considering how you feel the morning after drinking, you probably know alcohol is also very dehydrating. If you’re already dehydrated after working out, and then drinking alcohol, you’ll further deplete your fluid and decrease your body’s ability to bring nutrients to your injured muscles for recovery, Marschilok says. “There are people who have learned to practice very reasonable alcohol consumption that contributes to psychosocial well-being in a way that does not impair their health.

Health Risks of Heavy Drinking

One participant in the complete abstinence condition withdrew from the study immediately after the interim assessment. Regarding participant retention at follow-up, note that we did not invite the final seven participants to attend the follow-up appointment . Of 17 participants who completed the intervention period and were invited to attend a follow-up session, 12 attended, resulting in a follow-up rate of 71%.

If you are already prone to depression, it is especially harmful to drink alcohol. Cutting out alcohol from your life will help you experience less depression and better mental health. Alcohol raises your heart rate, which can cause serious effects on your heart. Excessive drinking can cause long-term heart damage and heart conditions, including high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, and cardiomyopathy, a disorder that affects the heart muscle, according to John Hopkins Medicine. Abstaining from alcohol is the healthiest option for your heart, and is a great compliment to your workout program. Whether you’re celebrating Dry January or want to cut down on your drinking, these 15 benefits of not drinking alcohol will help you stay on track.

Over the course of the intervention period, participants were required to attend testing sessions at the University of Liverpool campus, as detailed below. There’s a wide selection of alcohol-removed wine, beer, and mocktails, giving you the option to have something that feels special, without the negative effects. Find an accountability partner to do the dry challenge with you.

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